{The Father of mercies and God of all comfort}

♥ Our Love Story

     Ryan and I met while we were in high school. I started going to church with a friend on Wednesday nights and this really great guy was singing and playing the guitar for worship. I thought he was pretty keen. Several months before I started going to the church I attended a youth conference called Acquire the Fire and they offered a challenge called "crush the crush". It challenged teens to stop dating guys and gals that were harmful to their relationships with the Lord. At this time I was not really following the Lord and when I heard the challenge I jumped on board in order to focus on straightening out my life and finally start following God. Now I came to like this Ryan and found out he liked me (I know, soo high school!). We started talking as friends and he became aware of my "crush the crush" challenge. He was cool with it and said he'd wait for me. The challenge was for a year, so a year later Ryan was standing on my doorstep with a dozen red roses and asked me to be his girlfriend. {I couldn't scrounge any pictures of Ryan and I from high school} .sad.

     Ryan and I both knew that we wanted to get married when we started dating. He was the kind of Godly man that I wanted. He was kind, smart, and he had so much knowledge about God and his word. I totally fell for him.We dated the last semester of our junior year and our senior year in high school and then came college. I stayed home to go to community college for two years and he went off to A&M. It was hard at first, but we made it work. I would go visit as often as i could, almost every other weekend. It depended on my work schedule and other surprises.
     I couldn't find a picture from our freshman year (yep it took me five years to graduate from college, only because I transferred to Baylor which is a private school and all of my credits didn't transfer) they must be on my old crashed hard drive.
     Ryan proposed to me on our five year anniversary (it wasn't cheesy). We were married a year and six months later.
"And what love has tethered I can never undo"