{The Father of mercies and God of all comfort}

♥ Engagement

Ryan Alan Martinez and Cecilly Elaine Williamson engaged
January 25, 2009.

The Engagement Story

On our anniversary Ryan took me to Christopher's World Grill, I didn't know we were going there until we pulled into the parking lot. He told me that he thought we could go to Starbucks after dinner for a dessert-type drink. We finished dinner, which was amazing, and went to Starbucks. We then started driving back towards A&M's campus. I asked him where we were going and of course he wouldn't say. We parked in the parking lot that he parks in everyday and he took his guitar, a blanket, and his computer and we started walking. We stopped in the middle of this field just beyond the bonfire memorial. He told me something about wave mechanics and that the field was very quiet; he was right. He lit some candles despite the wind and then showed me a slideshow of pictures he made of us throughout the years. Each picture had a caption and we laughed. He told me the pictures are a representation of our past and that he wanted to sing a song he wrote for me. He sang a song that he wrote two years ago for Valentine's day and said that the song was a representation of our future. The song's meaning is much stronger now. He said that if all he had was me and God and we lived in the field that he would be okay with that. Then he said some more very sweet things that I can't remember, got on one knee, made me stand up, and then he asked me to marry him!! I said yes, and then I cried.
Celebrating at Jill's in College Station after the asking.

 Engagement Pictures

The Engagement Party
Hosted by Emily D. Powell, the matron of honor.
The party was in December so everyone brought us Christmas tree ornaments for our "first" Christmas tree.