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Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year 2014

We did absolutely nothing for New Year's Eve. No fire works for us this year. I don't even think we kissed at midnight, I was probably asleep.

So, instead we went over to Ryan's parent's on the first. This is when we told them about baby. I packed gift bags with tiny water bottles, baby Snickers and Milky Ways, and Baby Bel cheese. His parents opened their bags, but were clueless. We had to help them out by repeating the word "baby" before everything that was in the bag: "baby" water, "baby"candy, "baby" bel cheese.....then they finally caught on. They were ecstatic to say the least.

We told his sisters over the phone. It went like this: normal chit chat, then I text a picture of Ryan and I from the family Christmas party a few weeks before and Ryan told them to look at the text. They look at it and Ryan tells them, "my shirt cost $20, Cecilly's sweater $20, the look on your face when you realize there are three of us in this picture, priceless." Both of them flipped out and screamed. They're also very excited.

I sent a text to both of my brothers. I know super lame! I told them Bruce was gonna have a cousin. They didn't scream, but they did call almost instantly.

As for my parents, I called. My mom answered the phone, we exchanged normal chit chat, and she said she needed to get in the shower. I told her well I wanted to tell you something it won't take long. So, I told her "who's going to tell Brucey he's getting a cousin?" She didn't say anything for a beat, then she kept repeating, what? Are you serious? She squealed and what not and was a complete mess. She didn't cry, but was saying "I've got the shower running, I've gotta go tell your dad, I have to go, I have to go tell your dad." She's nuts.

Now as for how I told Ryan, hold on to your hats, it's the worst story ever! I was feeling really sick the day after Christmas while I was at work. My boss was on vacation and the other crew members weren't there, so it was just me and a couple of co-workers, so I left early. I felt horrible. I was feeling feverish, sick to my stomach, and was having cold sweats. I legit laid on the bathroom floor at work (GROSS) for like 15 minutes. Then I left. I came home, took a shower and just though, I'll take a test. Ladies we all have that one box for emergencies, admit it. I don't know why I decided to take one, just a feeling I guess. And there it was. The thoughts going through my mind: "what?" "that line is always a little pink right?" "what am I going to do?" I pretty much freaked. I just wasn't expecting a baby, not that I'm not excited, but I was scared. I googled images of faint p tests, because I'm crazy I guess. I calmed down and left the test on the counter. I text Ryan and asked if he would bring home soup. He got home and I was not very alert, so I ate some soup and went to sleep. That's right. I didn't say anything! I suck. I didn't know how. I felt so sick that I couldn't be excited and didn't want to tell him while i was sick. Wife of the year right here! I thought he would see the test that night, but he didn't even see it until the morning. He said he kissed my belly before he left for work and then we casually chatted via gmail about it. Laugh Out Loud. We're so lame, and I totally suck!

This is Ryan's "I'm so excited we're having a baby" face.

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