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Saturday, October 5, 2013


So, a while back, we sold colonel mustard (Ryan's yellow car). It was a bit sudden, and I definitely wasn't ready to do that, but there were reasons for the decision. We had just had to make a serious repair and if we were going to keep the car, we were afraid more big repairs like it were around the corner. Additionally, if we kept it much longer, we wouldn't get as much money for it if we tried to sell it later. So there you go, it's gone.

Of course Ryan was going to need transportation, but since we were living with his parents, he borrowed their car. We looked on Craigslist for weeks looking for a small truck that was in decent condition for a good price. We never found one. We even met 5 or 6 people to look at their vehicles in person and people were asking way too much for some pretty crappy cars. Ryan's dad found this old gem:
I never got a picture of it before we painted it. This is as good as it gets.
It's a yellow(ish) 1981 Silverado. Don't let it's vintage vibe fool you, this truck is a mess. It runs well, but the inside is a disaster and the body has a lot of rust spots. We bought it for $400 and we've put about $700 into it with repairs and new parts. We painted it with some gray rustoleum (not spray paint) ourselves and patched the rust spots with bondo, so it won't continue to degrade as quickly. Recently it was leaking coolant or something, and Ryan and I had discussed in passing him getting a motorcycle. Well when he was researching how to fix the beast he came across some forums that were not filled with good news. Essentially, everyone who has had similar issues with their old Silverados were saying it's a compression issue and the truck will one day no longer be able to lug itself around without a new engine. Of course, I thought this would happen, but a couple years down the road. So, Ryan researched motorcycles and the next weekend we bought one.

It's a red leftover 2012 Honda CBR. It was really cheap and we had the cash, so we made it happen. Now the gray truck still runs, so when it storms, Ryan will drive it to work, and we use it when we go to Lowe's. But now he's got his bike and I'm pretty sure he likes it.
Oh yea, the trucks name is Marshal Milk Jug Martinez. We call it Marshmallow, like on How I Met Your Mother: Lily calls Marshal Marshmallow. Milk Jug is a longer story, we won't go into it. We haven't named the bike yet, but we're working on it.

That's his first day riding it, I was excited. Phone quality pictures.

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