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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Father's Day 2013

It was more like nephew's day for us. I didn't get a single picture of either dad from Father's day, but I do have a lot of this little man.

 Coco meeting his first baby--he didn't really enjoy it

We went to my parent's house the Saturday before to celebrate Father's day and my dad's birthday. I made him a print of a "jackalope"--that's what he calls dumb people--and framed it for his desk at work for a laugh. We got Ryan's dad a filet mingon and bottled cokes, his favorite.

My parents babysat Bruce on Friday and they insisted we bring their granddogs on Saturday. It was chaos. Mosby had to stay outside, because of Bruce, and Coco had to stay inside, because he runs away. I think my parents still love their granddogs even now that they have a real grandbaby. Ryan and I got their pretty early to hang out with Bruce, and we left kind of late. We had a good time.

We celebrated with Ryan's family on the actual day. What a mess. All I can say is daughter's seem very difficult.

I can't wait to celebrate our own father's day.

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