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Saturday, October 5, 2013

26 Candles

Doesn't quite have the same ring to it as 16, but we all grow up right? I've never really had a concrete plan for my life, but feel that society pressures us into a mold and if we aren't at certain milestones by certain ages we're behind or shunned. Turning 26 feels the same as always, however, I really would like to have had a baby by now, a nice job (that I liked), and a new car.

But we're not there just yet--close though. Anyway, let me live it up and absorb this life now. Easier said than done.

To celebrate my 26 years, we went to dinner with the family and friends. Baby B was wearing this:
I love this kid!

I got some super great gifts. Starbucks gift card, massage gift certificate, expensive face mask cream, a ceramic fortune cookie, a peacock costume jewelry ring, and a new house! That's what we decided no birthday gifts because we bought the house. Quite a lovely day.
 Thanks Ryan that face is great.
We're all crazy

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