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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I guess I'm officially Old

My little brother graduated high school last week. That makes me feel particularly old; I guess it's official. He's eight years younger than I am and I remember when he was born. I remember his blonde baby hair and his big puffy cheeks. Now he's all grown up, and I am very proud of him.

In our family graduating high school is a huge deal. One of my aunts and uncle were able to come out and watch him walk. My aunt pointed out to my parents that they average 100%; all three of their children graduated high school. None of us dropped out or got knocked up/knocked someone up (until much later ;) It really is a big deal, especially for Austin. He went to alternative school twice, and got in trouble with the cops, so he almost didn't graduate.

So, here he is, 17, graduated and stumbling along like the rest of us. He wants to take classes at Lee College and some music ministry classes at Encourager church. I'll continually pray that he keeps moving forward. My advice to recent grads: Take it slow. Enjoy the beauty in this time.

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