{The Father of mercies and God of all comfort}

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Twenty Six

And the years won't slow down. Ryan's 26th birthday is today! He's my favorite person and I love to celebrate him.
My parents surprised him last weekend with a shotgun. We drove down to Carter's Country and my dad told him to pick out a gun. They both chose the same one. A Remington 870 Express pump action 12 gauge shotgun.

My dad wanted it to be an heirloom, and Ryan's been talking about getting a 12 gauge for months--nice compromise I'd say!

We celebrated with Ryan's family on Sunday. He got a bunch of needed fishing gear from his sisters and clothes from his parents.

Rootbeer float for dessert

We decided a while ago we wouldn't do birthday gifts, because of the house--a house, any house, preferably the pending house! We always go crazy on birthday gifts for each other, so it would be best if we didn't give gifts, instead got a house as gifts, hah. I did get tickets to the KSBJ 30th anniversary concert, with the soul reason being Family Force 5 was going to be there! and Switchfoot. We made this our gift to each other. 

It was a nice night and the concerts definitely delivered! 
We're ending the night with pizza and some television, his choice.