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Friday, May 10, 2013

Getting My Sew On

   There are obviously a lot of things on my Pinterest board that I pin and leave forever, hoping one day I'll get around to it. 
Recently I was determined to do something I've pinned! 
I wanted to do the lace on a pair of cuffed jeans. I had some lacey material left over, so I tried that, but it didn't have the same effect as this, so I improvised. I took the tie off of a blouse and it was the perfect fit for the cuffs on my too short jeans. I wear them cuffed anyway, why not make the cuffs fun? 
I did sew the other one and I even wore them, but have no visual proof.

Then, I took a sequined dress and made a pocket to cover the small one on a $6 Target tee from this inspired look coupled with this look. I also used the failed cuff lace to add it to a purple tee. I love these tees, they're so versatile.

The end result. I think they're quite cute.

I also hand sewed a bookmark like this one. I was using a book I was reading and probably two days after I made it I finished the book and now have nothing to read.
I sewed a piece of scrap fabric on top of a piece of green felt, so it's not as rigid as the one from pinterest, but it does work. I was thinking of doing other shapes. A star could be really fun.

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Emily Powell said...

LOVE the cuffed jeans!