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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Colonel Mustard

That is what Ryan's car was named. Some time ago we were thinking of names for it and I suggested Frenchie (since all cars are female?)like French's mustard. However, I was overruled by the sister in laws and thus the yellow car became to be known as Colonel Mustard. I still think the name Frenchie was better. 
Anyway, we recently sold Colonel, because of some crazy elaborate plan suggested by my father in law. He is letting Ryan drive his old Buick (it's gigantic), so that we could sell the car while it still held some value. We aren't close to purchasing a new car, still working on a house here, but it's nice to save a big chunk of cash for that purpose later on.We posted it on Craigslist and put a sign on it and two days later he was sold.

 And there he goes. It was a sad moment.

About that house. It's currently in the process of being built, yep, but we still don't have our final loan approval. Hah. We will actually hear about that in about 10 days, hopefully less. The issue will not be our income, but document issues. Ryan started a new job two weeks ago and we only have one pay stub so far, and that's not enough. We have an offer letter that the loan consultant sent to the underwriter, but we're not sure if it's enough documentation. So, if they don't approve us for this house loan it will be because we don't have three months worth of proof of income. If we're not approved, no worries, we'll shop for something in town. We've got options, and would like to be in our own house before Christmas. Then, we'll be able to get a new car. Priorities people. On a very good note. I talked with my current boss at the new place today and he'll be offering me a job permanently in the next week. He wants to make sure the number we agreed on is going to be accepted by the powers that be. I'm hoping for quite the pay bump and he agreed, so say some prayers!

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Emily Powell said...

YAY for forward progress!