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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Brazos River Revisited

      When I'm having a rough week I usually take to milkshakes; and my hips will tell that tale. But this particular weekend I felt the only way to end it was to take a short trip. Ryan and I went camping at Stephen F. Austin State Park. It's really close to Houston and we were only going to be able to spend one night. The park is pretty small with short trails, but nice and wooded and the Brazos River runs along the side of the park, just like Brazos Bend. We left on Friday evening as soon as I got home. We drove about an hour and twenty minutes; that's it. We set up camp and made a fire. By the time we got everything up and the fire blazing it was dark, so we just sat by the fire and relaxed. I think it was chilly, but not cold.

We did not bring the dogs this time. Instead we brought our bikes, and some of the trails were really fun for biking. One of the trails had this steep downhill--bumpy and fast!
 (Yes I know I look like a total dork with a helmet on)
Our plan was to get up in the morning, have breakfast, enjoy the morning, and hit the trails on our bikes and maybe walk one. All of the trails are really short, so we thought we'd hit three or four and head home. So, we take off on our bikes with a map. First, we couldn't find the entrance to the trail (it was not marked correctly), but when we did we took off. The trail wound around through the middle of the park. Then, we hit a crossroads and go the direction we think is right. Well, we get to another crossroads that we're pretty sure we're not supposed to be at, and we look at the map. We can't really tell where we are-all of the trails cross each other-so we pick a direction and keep going. We end up back at the main road probably twenty minutes later. We go back to the campsite, because we didn't bring any water on the trails (forgot our water bottles at home) and we were thirsty. We study the map and determine we took a wrong unmarked turn and ended up going down every trail we had really planned, and it was only 10:00 a.m. We did a little more biking, have lunch, and we call it a day. 

Overall, it was a nice trip to get away and clear our heads. And it was nice to not worry about an alarm clock or other obligations.

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