{The Father of mercies and God of all comfort}

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Colonel Mustard

That is what Ryan's car was named. Some time ago we were thinking of names for it and I suggested Frenchie (since all cars are female?)like French's mustard. However, I was overruled by the sister in laws and thus the yellow car became to be known as Colonel Mustard. I still think the name Frenchie was better. 
Anyway, we recently sold Colonel, because of some crazy elaborate plan suggested by my father in law. He is letting Ryan drive his old Buick (it's gigantic), so that we could sell the car while it still held some value. We aren't close to purchasing a new car, still working on a house here, but it's nice to save a big chunk of cash for that purpose later on.We posted it on Craigslist and put a sign on it and two days later he was sold.

 And there he goes. It was a sad moment.

About that house. It's currently in the process of being built, yep, but we still don't have our final loan approval. Hah. We will actually hear about that in about 10 days, hopefully less. The issue will not be our income, but document issues. Ryan started a new job two weeks ago and we only have one pay stub so far, and that's not enough. We have an offer letter that the loan consultant sent to the underwriter, but we're not sure if it's enough documentation. So, if they don't approve us for this house loan it will be because we don't have three months worth of proof of income. If we're not approved, no worries, we'll shop for something in town. We've got options, and would like to be in our own house before Christmas. Then, we'll be able to get a new car. Priorities people. On a very good note. I talked with my current boss at the new place today and he'll be offering me a job permanently in the next week. He wants to make sure the number we agreed on is going to be accepted by the powers that be. I'm hoping for quite the pay bump and he agreed, so say some prayers!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Twenty Six

And the years won't slow down. Ryan's 26th birthday is today! He's my favorite person and I love to celebrate him.
My parents surprised him last weekend with a shotgun. We drove down to Carter's Country and my dad told him to pick out a gun. They both chose the same one. A Remington 870 Express pump action 12 gauge shotgun.

My dad wanted it to be an heirloom, and Ryan's been talking about getting a 12 gauge for months--nice compromise I'd say!

We celebrated with Ryan's family on Sunday. He got a bunch of needed fishing gear from his sisters and clothes from his parents.

Rootbeer float for dessert

We decided a while ago we wouldn't do birthday gifts, because of the house--a house, any house, preferably the pending house! We always go crazy on birthday gifts for each other, so it would be best if we didn't give gifts, instead got a house as gifts, hah. I did get tickets to the KSBJ 30th anniversary concert, with the soul reason being Family Force 5 was going to be there! and Switchfoot. We made this our gift to each other. 

It was a nice night and the concerts definitely delivered! 
We're ending the night with pizza and some television, his choice. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Getting My Sew On

   There are obviously a lot of things on my Pinterest board that I pin and leave forever, hoping one day I'll get around to it. 
Recently I was determined to do something I've pinned! 
I wanted to do the lace on a pair of cuffed jeans. I had some lacey material left over, so I tried that, but it didn't have the same effect as this, so I improvised. I took the tie off of a blouse and it was the perfect fit for the cuffs on my too short jeans. I wear them cuffed anyway, why not make the cuffs fun? 
I did sew the other one and I even wore them, but have no visual proof.

Then, I took a sequined dress and made a pocket to cover the small one on a $6 Target tee from this inspired look coupled with this look. I also used the failed cuff lace to add it to a purple tee. I love these tees, they're so versatile.

The end result. I think they're quite cute.

I also hand sewed a bookmark like this one. I was using a book I was reading and probably two days after I made it I finished the book and now have nothing to read.
I sewed a piece of scrap fabric on top of a piece of green felt, so it's not as rigid as the one from pinterest, but it does work. I was thinking of doing other shapes. A star could be really fun.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Disclaimer: I didn't proofread, hope it's not too confusing

I wanted to rant and rave in this post and just have an all around throw down about this house buying business. But, I'm tired and I don't have the energy. Just know I'm beyond frustrated and let's just say it, mad. I want to get in the shower and just cry kind of mad, you know? So that no one can hear you, there's time to pray and give your heart to the Lord. I don't have enough time in my day for that, so I'll probably end up with a giant milkshake watching The Voice; which sounds quite appealing.

So, a while ago I mentioned we were buying a house. Everyone from our builder to our loan consultant was confident in our purchasing power. So, I got excited and pinned ideas all over pinterest with decorating ideas and furniture.

Then we got stuck with possibly the worst loan processor on the planet. She is a terrible communicator and frankly untimely. I wish she was reading this, so she would know how bad at her job she is. Our first phone interview with her was dandy (April 4). She emailed shortly after a follow up with instructions. Ryan got all of our paperwork necessary for buying a house together probably 2 weeks before we actually had to submit it, so we had to sign a few documents/disclaimers and we were good to go. The loan processor looked at all of our papers for 2 weeks! She just sat there and held them in her inbox or something for 2 weeks and did nothing! [is there punctuation stronger than an exclamation mark?]

She calls a second time (Friday April 19) and talks to me. After doing nothing for two weeks she calls and asks about a letter from Ryan's employer asking about over time. Well, in the midst of all of this Ryan was offered a job here in Crosby which he took and started last Monday, so uh no we can't get a letter about over time. I knew this would make the process difficult, but we should have already had approval, but the dimwit processor is just that, DIM! Monday she calls again (April 22)! Maybe I liked her silence better. She calls and asks the same questions she did two days prior, and basically tells us our numbers don't look good. Ryan tells her she's crazy basically and she tells him she'll check with her manager and get back with us. An hour after she tells Ryan this, she emails him and says all is fine, she's sending our papers to the underwriter. Oh yay, so I think. She says she'll get back with us in about a week.

So, here we are a week later on April 29th, no word from the dimwit. I email her Friday the 3rd, just in case. I don't hear from her. I email a second time today the 7th, and she emails me back a few hours later saying she sent a follow-up email to Ryan on May 1st asking for the documentation she said we wouldn't need. She sent it to his Baker Hughes email, his last day was April 22nd, he didn't get that email. She didn't send two emails, didn't try to call, and didn't try to contact me at all. Really? I emailed her two days after she sent her follow up email and she waited until I emailed twice before responding?! We've gone full circle and then some people. It's been one month and three days and she still has no answers for us! Of course I responded to her email today, so I should hear back some dimwitted excuse on Friday? Monday? It's anyone's guess. Can I request a new loan processor?

Well look at that. It did turn into a rant.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Brazos River Revisited

      When I'm having a rough week I usually take to milkshakes; and my hips will tell that tale. But this particular weekend I felt the only way to end it was to take a short trip. Ryan and I went camping at Stephen F. Austin State Park. It's really close to Houston and we were only going to be able to spend one night. The park is pretty small with short trails, but nice and wooded and the Brazos River runs along the side of the park, just like Brazos Bend. We left on Friday evening as soon as I got home. We drove about an hour and twenty minutes; that's it. We set up camp and made a fire. By the time we got everything up and the fire blazing it was dark, so we just sat by the fire and relaxed. I think it was chilly, but not cold.

We did not bring the dogs this time. Instead we brought our bikes, and some of the trails were really fun for biking. One of the trails had this steep downhill--bumpy and fast!
 (Yes I know I look like a total dork with a helmet on)
Our plan was to get up in the morning, have breakfast, enjoy the morning, and hit the trails on our bikes and maybe walk one. All of the trails are really short, so we thought we'd hit three or four and head home. So, we take off on our bikes with a map. First, we couldn't find the entrance to the trail (it was not marked correctly), but when we did we took off. The trail wound around through the middle of the park. Then, we hit a crossroads and go the direction we think is right. Well, we get to another crossroads that we're pretty sure we're not supposed to be at, and we look at the map. We can't really tell where we are-all of the trails cross each other-so we pick a direction and keep going. We end up back at the main road probably twenty minutes later. We go back to the campsite, because we didn't bring any water on the trails (forgot our water bottles at home) and we were thirsty. We study the map and determine we took a wrong unmarked turn and ended up going down every trail we had really planned, and it was only 10:00 a.m. We did a little more biking, have lunch, and we call it a day. 

Overall, it was a nice trip to get away and clear our heads. And it was nice to not worry about an alarm clock or other obligations.