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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Let's Get Wordy

Let's start by looking at our New Year goals. 
Financial goal: Pay off two loans in 3.5 months and $xx,xxx by years' end.
Continued job upgrade prayers.
Spiritual: Memorize one scripture a week.
                      Read two scripturually based books.
             Devotionals in between books.
Health: Cecilly maintain weight; gain healthily 2 pounds (I don't gain easily).
                Ryan lose 50 lbs through jogging and Insanity. 
Our financial goals changed recently, we did not meet the pay off in 3.5 months goal. We had to save for something else.  We have a little time to save the money to pay off what we planned, but the savings will have to go toward our house! We had some hopes of inheriting a house, but other plans have been made for that house. So, we started saving for a down payment and closing costs. We knew it would cost nearly $8,000 to make it all happen, so our extra savings went to that instead of loans. I think we managed to pay half of our 3.5 month goal. We started looking for houses thinking we would move in six months to a year and a month after we started looking we found some pretty good deals. e looked in Crosby, of course, it's where we want to stay, but all the "used" houses we found are falling apart and too expensive. We can't justify spending a lot of money on something we'll have to renovate, and we don't have that kind of capital. We looked at a subdivision near Crosby that has really affordable houses and decent square footage. We just got approved for our home loan! We finalize all the loan stuff this week and they'll start building this month! We're stoked!
                     Tile, counters, cabinets.                     Signing papers                              
 Garden tub and separate shower, what up.

We've been working hard to memorize a weekly verse, but honestly not putting forth enough effort. 
I haven't gained any weight, we haven't worked out and we really need to start! LOL

I kind of hate my job. I'm pretty much a paper pusher at one place and I'm still training at the new place. I like the new job much better. I serve a greater role and I'm involved in business there, not just pushing papers, but I'm still temporary, not permanent. This is very frustrating. I'm hoping a pay raise when they finally hire me and if they don't soon I'm probably going to look for something new (I have been looking). Ryan may have an opportunity for a new job, prayers there. Ryan recently got a raise which is huge, because they just laid off a lot of people, so it wasn't expected. We appreciate any prayers through all of these changes!


Emily Powell said...

where are you moving??????!!!!!

Amanda said...

AHHH. you signed papers! their building! thats fantastic. im so excited! will you have a home by the time we get back?

Kelli said...

WHATTT?! That's awesome, Congratulations! Gain two pounds...you crack me up. All I'd have to do is look at a cookie the wrong way!

Jessica Krzyz said...