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Monday, March 25, 2013

Baby Bruce

I'm going to be an aunt! My older brother made a whoopsie with his girlfriend, and it's a boy! I'm very excited and know he's going to be pretty awesome! I hosted a baby shower for Jayme last weekend. She insisted on a batman themed baby shower, and they are insisting on naming my sweet nephew Bruce Wayne. Legit. They're nuts.

I made a B covered in batman comic print outs for the cake table. The process was pretty easy, it probably took an hour and a half total. I used foam core board to cut two letter B's and cut them with an exact-o knife (actually Ryan did). I used small pieces of the board to put them together. I hot glued them to each side of the B's.
 Looking classy in it's bare form. I taped the letters together and used black paper with dots, it was the only dark colored paper I had, around the open edges.
Almost completed. I just mod podged all the pieces I printed onto the letters.

There it is on the table with the cake and the cute mommy.

I used the same comic prints to make the centerpieces. I bought the confetti from the party store.

I bought them a lot of stuff for the shower, but I also made a blanket with sock monkey fabric and the soft dot fabric. They were totally on sale-score. I used the leftover fleece to make two burp cloths and a cute floppy hat.


Emily Powell said...

The first paragraph of this post made me laugh!

Kelli said...

Yes...made a whoopsie. Our whoopsie is my favorite! Of course I haven't met the other one yet, so I guess that's not really fair.

Jessica Krzyz said...