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Monday, March 25, 2013

Baby Bruce

I'm going to be an aunt! My older brother made a whoopsie with his girlfriend, and it's a boy! I'm very excited and know he's going to be pretty awesome! I hosted a baby shower for Jayme last weekend. She insisted on a batman themed baby shower, and they are insisting on naming my sweet nephew Bruce Wayne. Legit. They're nuts.

I made a B covered in batman comic print outs for the cake table. The process was pretty easy, it probably took an hour and a half total. I used foam core board to cut two letter B's and cut them with an exact-o knife (actually Ryan did). I used small pieces of the board to put them together. I hot glued them to each side of the B's.
 Looking classy in it's bare form. I taped the letters together and used black paper with dots, it was the only dark colored paper I had, around the open edges.
Almost completed. I just mod podged all the pieces I printed onto the letters.

There it is on the table with the cake and the cute mommy.

I used the same comic prints to make the centerpieces. I bought the confetti from the party store.

I bought them a lot of stuff for the shower, but I also made a blanket with sock monkey fabric and the soft dot fabric. They were totally on sale-score. I used the leftover fleece to make two burp cloths and a cute floppy hat.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Celebration continues

Ryan and I bought each other small Valentine's gifts and we each bought the other tickets to a show. Ryan bought me ballet tickets to La Bayadere, which happened a week after V-Day. So, the celebration continued. The ballet was beautiful!

Ryan looks handsome and I'm taking crazy elevator mirror pictures
because my face was still messed up from getting my teeth taken 
out and I still couldn't smile.

I got Ryan tickets to the Chris Tomlin "Burning Lights" tour, because Kari Jobe (love) and Louie Giglio would be there. Sorry Chris, but we love us some Kari and Louie. It was a pretty fun show. We had lawn seats, so we couldn't see much, but it was still wonderful to worship with thousands of people!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rodeo 2013

I love the Houston Rodeo. It's too much fun. We scored tickets to Lady Antebellum with Ryan's sister. 
We had some pizza before, because I wasn't feeling the rodeo bbq. That's just me though.

We started the night off right with a funnel cake. And just for you Amanda, the cake blew up into my face and showered us with powdered sugar, just like last time.
 The calf scramble, ropers, and the wagon races

Lady A and the fireworks.
It was a great rodeo!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Camping Trip

We have been wanting to go camping for so long, but we've had a lot of family functions, upward games, and the weather has been nuts! We were finally able to go! We have state park passes, so we get free admission to all state parks and a percentage off campsites. We decided on Brazos Bend State Park for this trip, because it's close and our budget was small (for gas and food etc).
We thought it would be kind of empty given the cold weather and it not being a holiday weekend, but the camp was packed! In fact, the only reason we got a good campsite the first night is because there was a no-show.
That first night the campsite was wonderful. We had electricity and water. We knew it would be cold, so we brought an extension cord and a space heater. The next night we were not so fortunate--every site was reserved. Let me just vent here and scream that the internet said NO RESERVATIONS!! So how is it that people got to reserve the good sites?? I don't know, but we got put into the overflow camping the next night. It was ok though, because there was a fire ring and a picnic table, and most of the primitive tent sites didn't have either. We toughed it out in the cold the second night, it was definitely cold, but not unbearable. Let me mention here, that we brought the dogs, and it was Mosby's first camping experience and likely his last. He does not like tent sleeping or nature sounds at night apparently. I guess he's afraid of the dark. He was awake most of the first night, because he kept hearing wildlife and whatnot. The second night he was awake, because he was so cold. Ryan put him under the sleeping bag, because he was shivering--poor baby dog. Coco meanwhile is asleep at the foot of the sleeping bag the whole night. He likes camping. Mosby enjoyed our walks on trails, but not the overall experience.
It was a fun trip not far from home. It's the greatest to get away for a couple of days and only be an hour from home. My phone died that Friday and there was no signal, so we didn't have contact with anyone-it was wonderful!!