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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wise no more....

A few weeks ago my teeth were hurting so badly. I was getting this headache and throbbing in my teeth. I thought it had to be my wisdom teeth. I made a dentist appointment, because I was in desperate need of a cleaning, and since we just got new insurance, they'd do a free x-ray on my teeth. Alright.
My x-rays are on the screen, but you can only see two teeth
They did the x-ray and the dentist told me it would be wise if I got them taken out. No complaints here. My bottom left wisdom tooth was growing in sideways. The bottoms were really the complainers, the top ones hadn't moved much, but they took out all four.
I got a referral and went to see an oral surgeon. I got in for a consultation in about two weeks and scheduled the surgery for two weeks later. I thought that was pretty good timing.
I had the teeth taken out on Tuesday and I don't remember much from that day. I remember almost "losing my lunch" when we got home. I vaguely remember getting into the house, I'm pretty sure my eyes were closed. My mom said I was laughing at the doctor's office when they were trying to wake me up and put me in a wheelchair. I think that's great. I was really nervous to do the surgery, because I've never had any procedure like this before. All I remember before the surgery was them hooking me up to different machines and placing a mask on my face, which I assume was laughing gas. I remember the doctor coming in and asking me how I was, I told him I was nervous. He put the IV in my arm and I asked if we could sing a song, at this point I'm still lucid, so asking to sing a song wouldn't be weird coming from me. The doctor started singing some song and I had no idea what it was. The nurse said it was Marvin Gaye and told me he sang another song, but I don't remember what she said. The next thing I know is that my mouth and chest are cold, I think I tried to say that, I don't know if I did, and I think I went to sleep.
I was still so messed up from the anesthesia when I got home that I just passed out. My mom and mother in law got me upstairs and in bed, they were saying stuff, but I wasn't comprehending any of it. Ryan came home and has taken care of me. He brings me soup and makes sure I take my medicine on time. If he weren't here to help me, I would probably be taking too much medication or not enough. I have a follow up appointment today. Hopefully all goes well.


Emily Powell said...

ugh...yuck! I HATED having mine taken out. It was horrible!

Amanda said...

oh Lord. all of a sudden i never every want to get my wisdom teeth taken out.