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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Good Hair

I usually wash my hair once a day, because it's fine and gets oily quickly, but some days there is not enough time in the morning. I had a few good hair days last month. If I wear my hair down, it's usually straight and freshly washed, but this particular day it was down and unwashed. What up for second day hair!

Then I rocked this do. I like to wear my hair up with this shirt, because it has a cute bow detail on the back.
I don't know if I can replicate it. I basically did a big loose french braid on the top and braided from there, tucked it under and pinned it.

Then there was this cute little side pony.
 I curled my bangs; I like the way they look when they're pulled back like this. I tried curling the ends, but it didn't last long. This picture was probably at lunch time. 

I rocked these three styles on second day hair. Go me.


Emily Powell said...

um...I wash my hair like once a week. Eww. I know. But, my hair is really dry and I need a cut BAD!

Amanda said...

love the braided one! I've been wishywashing on washing mine. its so dry here, every part of my body is cracking and feels like an alligator. i only wash it after i would out hard and get too sweaty.