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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

We went to Ryan's extended family Christmas party to kick off the festivities.
I made gingerbread cookies with my good friend Amanda.
I made my pinterest party people refrigerator magnets out of cut tree branch pieces and I made my sil a tea towel with her favorite grandmother's handwriting. I think it's very Anthropologie-esque. My new favorite thing is printing on fabric!
We invited my family to our house for Christmas Eve and had a great time. We got some really awesome gifts and enjoyed our time with the family.
We went to Ryan's aunts' house on Christmas day for lunch and I got zero pictures. Then we went to Ryan's parents to open gifts there and spend the rest of the day with them. Again, no pictures, oops.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Picking our tree

Ryan and I chose to go to a Christmas tree farm again this year. We had such a good time getting the last one, our new house definitely needed a real tree for Christmas. This will probably be a long-lived Martinez family tradition. We went to the same farm as the first year. You go on little hayride into the farm and they drop you off at the back and you wander for hours choosing a tree. Not really hours, but like 1.5 hours :) We're kind of perfectionists, and we wanted the right tree.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This year we decided that we can only commit to one family event per holiday. Trying to meet everyone's expectations is exhausting and we're tired. So we started with Thanksgiving. Ryan's aunt just had heart surgery, and the family wants to spend Christmas with her. So, we decided to do Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with Ryan's. Then, each year, we'll switch off holidays and families.

The day after Thanksgiving we went camping with my parents, Amanda, Jessica and her boyfriend Sirus. And three dogs.

Had fun with our bunch of crazies.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Baby R turns 1

Good friends of ours celebrated their daughters first birthday! Love this sweet princess and her parents.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Ryan and I participated in our church's event: Trunk or Treat. 
You dress up your vehicle and pass out candy at the church.
We made my car a gumball machine since it's red. 

We dressed up as quarters. We didn't dress the dogs up since we wouldn't be home with them, but Coco did get a super cute scarf at the vet.

A lot of people were confused about the 25 cent sign, they thought they had to pay to get a prize. No people, we just pass out candy. It was fun and cute.

I didn't do much decorating for Halloween. One table decoration and a door hanger that i don't have a picture of.

I replaced the spider with this fancy fox from Target as my fall centerpiece.
We carved pumpkins with the Sunday school class, but those pictures are on Ryan's phone. The pumpkins didn't last until Halloween. They promptly melted in the Texas humidity and heat, and left a wonderful mark on my front porch.

 Happy Halloween

Friday, October 25, 2013

Bruce spends the night

Bruce stayed with us for the first time. His mom and dad both work most Saturdays, so we take turns watching him for the parents. He's adorable, and I love him.

 Aunt Cece needs to get some toys apparently.
I love being his anut.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Did I not mention that?

We bought a house. We found a deal we couldn't pass up. The price is right, the location was great, and the house is lovely. It's very near Crosby, about 10 minutes away, in a new subdivision in Houston city limits inside Beltway 8.
If you know the area then you know it's not the greatest, but it's still the suburbs and the school district could be worse. It's quiet and we like it so far.

The process was an intense roller coaster. I've alluded to it in other posts, but long story short: We waited about three months before financing was confirmed. Then the house was appraised lower than asking price, which sounds good, but it's really bad for closing costs/down payments. We had a certain amount of money put away for closing and down payment, and when they told us the house was not appraised at asking price it was looking like we were going to need to bring an extra $6,000.00 to the table, EXTRA. That's on top of down payment and closing already discussed. We thought for sure we wouldn't be able to get the house at this point. About two days before closing, the builder called and lowered the asking price to appraisal value, so all numbers were back in place. It was soo stressful. We even started looking at houses in Crosby again, because we were sure this deal was going to fall through. I'm so thankful it didn't. I had fallen in love with our house.

We got to watch it be built. That was a fun experience. We never shared too many details, because we didn't want to get our hopes up and then have the deal fall through.

26 Candles

Doesn't quite have the same ring to it as 16, but we all grow up right? I've never really had a concrete plan for my life, but feel that society pressures us into a mold and if we aren't at certain milestones by certain ages we're behind or shunned. Turning 26 feels the same as always, however, I really would like to have had a baby by now, a nice job (that I liked), and a new car.

But we're not there just yet--close though. Anyway, let me live it up and absorb this life now. Easier said than done.

To celebrate my 26 years, we went to dinner with the family and friends. Baby B was wearing this:
I love this kid!

I got some super great gifts. Starbucks gift card, massage gift certificate, expensive face mask cream, a ceramic fortune cookie, a peacock costume jewelry ring, and a new house! That's what we decided no birthday gifts because we bought the house. Quite a lovely day.
 Thanks Ryan that face is great.
We're all crazy

Texan Through and Through

Amanda and Kelly finally came home!
I'm so excited they're back. They were in California, for too long, while Amanda worked on her master's degree. She finished classes and now they'll be in Texas while she studies for her exams and works on her dissertation. Don't worry she's working diligently...

You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take Texas out of the girl. 
So glad you're home!!


So, a while back, we sold colonel mustard (Ryan's yellow car). It was a bit sudden, and I definitely wasn't ready to do that, but there were reasons for the decision. We had just had to make a serious repair and if we were going to keep the car, we were afraid more big repairs like it were around the corner. Additionally, if we kept it much longer, we wouldn't get as much money for it if we tried to sell it later. So there you go, it's gone.

Of course Ryan was going to need transportation, but since we were living with his parents, he borrowed their car. We looked on Craigslist for weeks looking for a small truck that was in decent condition for a good price. We never found one. We even met 5 or 6 people to look at their vehicles in person and people were asking way too much for some pretty crappy cars. Ryan's dad found this old gem:
I never got a picture of it before we painted it. This is as good as it gets.
It's a yellow(ish) 1981 Silverado. Don't let it's vintage vibe fool you, this truck is a mess. It runs well, but the inside is a disaster and the body has a lot of rust spots. We bought it for $400 and we've put about $700 into it with repairs and new parts. We painted it with some gray rustoleum (not spray paint) ourselves and patched the rust spots with bondo, so it won't continue to degrade as quickly. Recently it was leaking coolant or something, and Ryan and I had discussed in passing him getting a motorcycle. Well when he was researching how to fix the beast he came across some forums that were not filled with good news. Essentially, everyone who has had similar issues with their old Silverados were saying it's a compression issue and the truck will one day no longer be able to lug itself around without a new engine. Of course, I thought this would happen, but a couple years down the road. So, Ryan researched motorcycles and the next weekend we bought one.

It's a red leftover 2012 Honda CBR. It was really cheap and we had the cash, so we made it happen. Now the gray truck still runs, so when it storms, Ryan will drive it to work, and we use it when we go to Lowe's. But now he's got his bike and I'm pretty sure he likes it.
Oh yea, the trucks name is Marshal Milk Jug Martinez. We call it Marshmallow, like on How I Met Your Mother: Lily calls Marshal Marshmallow. Milk Jug is a longer story, we won't go into it. We haven't named the bike yet, but we're working on it.

That's his first day riding it, I was excited. Phone quality pictures.

Father's Day 2013

It was more like nephew's day for us. I didn't get a single picture of either dad from Father's day, but I do have a lot of this little man.

 Coco meeting his first baby--he didn't really enjoy it

We went to my parent's house the Saturday before to celebrate Father's day and my dad's birthday. I made him a print of a "jackalope"--that's what he calls dumb people--and framed it for his desk at work for a laugh. We got Ryan's dad a filet mingon and bottled cokes, his favorite.

My parents babysat Bruce on Friday and they insisted we bring their granddogs on Saturday. It was chaos. Mosby had to stay outside, because of Bruce, and Coco had to stay inside, because he runs away. I think my parents still love their granddogs even now that they have a real grandbaby. Ryan and I got their pretty early to hang out with Bruce, and we left kind of late. We had a good time.

We celebrated with Ryan's family on the actual day. What a mess. All I can say is daughter's seem very difficult.

I can't wait to celebrate our own father's day.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Home Pictures

We took pictures before we moved in to our house to document the big event.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer Vacation

This year for our anniversary trip Ryan and I went to New Braufels. Ryan had never gone tubing down the river.We were only able to get away for the weekend, because Ryan doesn't get vacation with his new job yet.

We left Saturday morning in a downpour. Not the most positive start, but the rest of the vacation was great.

We went to the Natural Bridge Safari Park and Caverns. 

 The ostrich tried to eat me and Ryan touched the buffalo's tongue. Just some highlights. We enjoyed both sites. 

We splurged a little on the hotel room, since we'd only be staying one night. We also hadn't planned on taking a vacation, because we were buying a house, but after some disappointing news about the appraisal we decided to head out for the weekend. (Sorry, it's a phone picture)
We went to downtown Gruene Saturday evening where I scored some antlers for an outside project for the new house. We ate at the Gruene Door. An amazing dinner. Seriously in the top five I've ever eaten. I got sea bass and it was worth every penny!
Sunday we floated the river and called it a day. 
Ryan had fun floating for the first time.
Overall, a fun weekend.