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Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year Goals

Let's look at last years goals and see what we accomplished:

1. We did not rent a house, but moved back to Crosby.
2. Ryan is putting school on hold again after achieving an Associate's in Engineering and I was accepted into a master's program and decided not to pursue another degree.
3. We found a church, and then we moved.

It's hard to say what was accomplished and what wasn't. The goals were contingent on plans that we later changed. We didn't rent a house, because my father-in-law asked us to move back. We would have rented, but we decided I would quit my job. Ryan had to finish an associate degree before he could continue with a bachelor's degree at UofH (this is what was advised anyway), so he finished that and was accepted into a program at UofH, but we're postponing that, hopefully not forever, because of income rearrangement. We found a church probably a month before we moved. If ever back on that side of town I think we know where we'll gather and worship. So, overall, we pursued all of the goals that we said and I would say accomplished what God wanted at this time. We're waiting on the Lord still, and know that his timing is perfected in his omnipotence, but we will still plan for another year and continue to seek His will.

Goals for 2013 

Financial goal: Pay off two loans in 3.5 months and $xx,xxx by years' end.
Continued job upgrade prayers.

Spiritual: Memorize one scripture a week.
                      Read two scripturually based books.
             Devotionals in between books.
Health: Cecilly maintain weight; gain healthily 2 pounds (I don't gain easily).
                Ryan lose 50 lbs through jogging and Insanity.

Clearly our main goal is for our student loan payoffs, which is why we're with the in-laws. Our spiritual goal is to be in the word together and growth.

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