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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I Am Thankful For

1. God's provision. It's been a wacky few months, but I know the Lord has plans for us. He promises us in His word.

2. God preparing my heart. I've been reading several devotionals a day and listening for the Lord. He is speaking and preparing me to hear from Him and mold me into a new person.

3. God's creation. Being able to see the sunrise and sunset everyday. To hear the animals, the wind in the trees, the coolness of the season, and the miracle of life.

4. Our home church. I am thankful that we are back at our home church with loving friends and people who do God's work.

5. The work of our home church. The church and it's leader are relentless in sharing God's word all over our city and around the world. I am thankful for a church that is full of truth and love for God's people.

6. My husband. Of course. He is wonderful. Putting how much I love him into words never seems to do it justice. I love him more than a thousand favorites.

7. My health. It seems there is always something wrong with my health at any given time of the year. I am thankful that I have my allergies under control and no serious health issues.

8. Work. I am thankful for the the temporary job I have to get us through the season, and Ryan's stable job.

9. Brothers. I am thankful that I have brothers and not sisters. The competition of sisters is unreal and the fights so bitter.

10. Memories. I am thankful for the memories I have made, the friends I've had, and the moments with those I love. Reminiscing makes my heart happy.

May your thanksgiving be filled with the spirit of Lord as you enjoy family and friends
Love from our family to yours
Happy Thanksgiving 2012

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