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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Our Halloween night consisted of Dexter and Insanity. I say that was one scary night!
Ryan has a lot of homework this week, so we didn't do trunk-or-treat at the church, sad.
We didn't even pass out candy.
We also didn't have costumes.
I wasn't going to dress up the dogs either, because we weren't going anywhere, but my mom called and wanted to know what her "grand-dogs" were going to be for Halloween.
So, we threw some costumes together real quickly and took pictures before the neighborhood children came by.

 Coco is an Inuit (I know lame, but he had the accessories) he wouldn't wear the hood

 Mosby is the big bad wolf disguised as grandma

No costumes here, but I creeped out this Halloween picture!

{Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween 2012}

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Emily Powell said...

eww eww eww to the last picture!