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Friday, October 19, 2012


Let's catch up...

I'm helping Ryan with his homework. This week I've been doing his macro-econ. and every time the answer is fill in the blank and I don't know the answer, I type the word "blank". Hence the title for this post.

I spray painted a red "M" for Mosby's doghouse. He uses it occasionally, so I thought I'd personalize it. His color is red.

I've been crocheting a lot. I made this cute little bow for my hair and I made one for a friend's baby shower. It was a gray headband with a big gray bow, super cute. I've also been working on beanie hats for the homeless. We're going with our Sunday school group and I thought I'd make them instead of buy them. They're not complete, but when they are I'll show you. I'm also starting a chunky scarf for myself.

Ryan and I started the Insanity workout dvd two weeks ago. We've been consistent despite the pain and the time constraints. The workouts get longer in month two and I don't know where we'll find the time! It is very intense and I don't really like it, but I'll push through for Ryan. We haven't really seen any results yet, but I think we will in about two more weeks. I feel stronger as we do the same workouts and our fit test showed improvement, so we're getting there.
I told Ryan to take a picture of me all sweaty post workout, so you could see how intense it is, but instead he took a picture of my mismatched socks. Don't hate, at least they're the same brand!

I start training for the temporary job on Monday. Whoo it's about time. I'm nervous for several reasons: 1. What if I suck as a receptionist (but honestly can I be as bad as Erin on The Office? Probably not) 2. What if they don't offer me a permanent job. More like, what if there are no permanent jobs to offer?? Starbucks lookout, I might need a job! 3. I really hate doing things wrong and apparently the girl training me isn't so good at her job as it is. Everyone promises to be really nice to me and help me out, because they know the girl might not train me well, but I still don't want to let anyone down.

I'm still reading "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies", because it is painfully boring. I'm also reading though the trashy Stephanie Plum series. It makes me laugh and the books are short reads. Really, I'll read anything and once I start a series, I can't put it down (I even read Twilight), I know it's a sick obsession. 

I would like everyone to be in prayer for me as I start this new job and continue into the new year. I'm unsure of where God wants me and I'm having trouble finding the faith and patience. 

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Kelli said...

Thanks for the update! I did Insanity at church this summer...that stuff is hard core. I LOVE your crochet bow, and I'm sure you'll do well at work so chill. Also, shame on you for reading the Stephanie Plum series. I thought I was the only person in our church who had read that garbage.