{The Father of mercies and God of all comfort}

Friday, September 28, 2012

Now what..

First of all, I'm going stir crazy. I go to the store every other day for one more item that I "forgot" to purchase, and the days in between I'll go to the library, have lunch with someone, or spend the ENTIRE day in the bedroom watching Netflix. It's becoming a problem. Without my own space or a child to occupy my time like all of my friends (jealous party of one), I have nothing to do. Yes, I should be taking this time to indulge in God's word and seek him every second of my day, but alas, Satan blinds me with anger or worldly desires, like a new shirt. This sucks!!

Also, the girl I will be filling in for at my mom's job has decided not to leave until November 22, so that puts me training October 22. What?! That's right, I can't start on the first, because the girl lied about when she was leaving. Bummer. So, in the meantime, my mom has sent my resume and cover letter to her hr guy who has forwarded it on to the appropriate powers in search of a job for me in the same company, I've called the woman at the temp agency over a week ago and she has still not returned my call, I've filled out applications for substitute teaching in two districts close to Crosby, and I'm sending my resume to over 20 non-profits that I have found online for jobs that I semi-qualify for. I can't wait another month without some kind of income. So, if you would say a prayer with me over these things that God would soften my heart and quiet my spirit while we are living with Ryan's parent's, give me peace about the job search, and that God gives me a job. I trust in the Lord and his plans, but oh my heart waivers, because I am human and I suck.

Thank you for listening.


Kelli said...

Ugh. I hate when things fail to work out like that! I'll definitely be praying for you about all those things. And I'll agree that compared to Jesus, you do kind of suck, but compared to a lot of other people I know, you're up there. Just saying. :)

Emily Powell said...

Ugh...that's hard! You're trying so that's worth something. And don't be jealous because you don't have a kid! I am over the moon crazy about Georgia but on the days she gets up at 6:45 I LONG for lazy days again! Your lazy days are numbered so enjoy them now!