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Monday, September 24, 2012

Dog House

No, there's no one in it, not even the dog.

Ryan and I built Mosby a doghouse, because his parents refuse to let the dog in the house. I don't know why. That was there decision, but we live here also and we've had Mosby long before we moved in and naturally we were bringing him with us. About a week into the move, this decision was enforced and it may go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: I disagree with the decision and it infuriates me. That's all I'll say.

So, we built him a doghouse with an air conditioner, because we live in Texas and it's freaking hot until January. The air conditioner is a window unit and pretty small, it has a timer and it's energy efficient, so we can regulate when it's on and off with a timer and a remote control.

Ryan and I (mostly Ryan) built the doghouse from Ryan's design. We don't have a table saw or some other appropriate tools that would have been extremely helpful in executing the design. Nevertheless, we got the job done to the best of our abilities with the tools we had with several adjustments along the way. We did buy a nailgun, that proved to be a major investment that was worth it. It took us just about a whole week to build it, because we only had so many hours of daylight left when Ryan got home from work. I think we could have done it one days time, but we didn't have a whole day.

So, here it is. I'm not the right authority to show you a design plan or even explain how we built it. I just did what Ryan told me to do, and it worked.

In process, the last day of building.
It was dark when we finished on the last day of building.
The next morning I started painting. The house itself only required two coats
of paint, but the pink studs needed three. They were super cheap wood and just about every
piece of pink stud is split where it was nailed or screwed. Junk. It'll hold though. 

It's a huge doghouse. We love Mosby and want him to be comfortable. Now all we have to do is get him used to using the doggie door. He doesn't like small spaces and he doesn't like to open doors with his nose like other dogs, so it may take a few days to train him, but he's smart and he'll get it.


Kelli said...

I'll bet it's because he's black. You should call the NAACP! Seriously, though, sorry he has to be outside! Patrick has tried getting me to put Bella outside a few times now, which was upsetting enough even when it didn't work!

Emily Powell said...

poor puppy. when you're not busy you should come hang out with G and I. I only work wed & fri.

Jessica Krzyz said...

Sorry to hear of the disagreement. Mosby does look super handsome, and BIG. Also, the doghouse looks awesome- fun to build something together at least...?! Love.