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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Accessory Clean Up

I've been meaning to mark my house keys for the longest time. I can never figure out which key goes to the front door and which one goes to the door we actually use here at the in-law's. I also have one key that is for my parent's house, so it's confusing. Each key is made by a different company, so I've learned that the Wal-Mart key opens the front door, the Ace key opens the door we use, and the Brinks key is to Oak Island. Instead of buying really cute key covers like these:
I painted them with fingernail polish of course just like pinterest. They're not very cute, but functional.
The black one is for the door we use. It's black because it's for the garage door and it's black like a cave most of the time. The orange one is for Oak Island, because the color and town start with the letter o. I needed another color that wasn't close to the others and my other nail polish options were navy, pinks, and reds. The pinks and reds were too close to the orange and the navy too close to black. So, the blue gray has no meaning, unless you count my mood when I walk through the front door ;)

I also upgraded my cell phone cover, because the cover I currently have wouldn't stay on the phone. I drop it a lot. The Cricket store had limited options, so I chose a pink rubber cover. I figured I couldn't break a rubber case, just remove chunks when I drop it. They're relatively cheap, so it's not a big deal, and it was a necessity.

It's more pink in person. These pictures make it look a little purple.

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Emily Powell said...

love the key descriptions...funny