{The Father of mercies and God of all comfort}

Friday, September 28, 2012

Now what..

First of all, I'm going stir crazy. I go to the store every other day for one more item that I "forgot" to purchase, and the days in between I'll go to the library, have lunch with someone, or spend the ENTIRE day in the bedroom watching Netflix. It's becoming a problem. Without my own space or a child to occupy my time like all of my friends (jealous party of one), I have nothing to do. Yes, I should be taking this time to indulge in God's word and seek him every second of my day, but alas, Satan blinds me with anger or worldly desires, like a new shirt. This sucks!!

Also, the girl I will be filling in for at my mom's job has decided not to leave until November 22, so that puts me training October 22. What?! That's right, I can't start on the first, because the girl lied about when she was leaving. Bummer. So, in the meantime, my mom has sent my resume and cover letter to her hr guy who has forwarded it on to the appropriate powers in search of a job for me in the same company, I've called the woman at the temp agency over a week ago and she has still not returned my call, I've filled out applications for substitute teaching in two districts close to Crosby, and I'm sending my resume to over 20 non-profits that I have found online for jobs that I semi-qualify for. I can't wait another month without some kind of income. So, if you would say a prayer with me over these things that God would soften my heart and quiet my spirit while we are living with Ryan's parent's, give me peace about the job search, and that God gives me a job. I trust in the Lord and his plans, but oh my heart waivers, because I am human and I suck.

Thank you for listening.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yellow Ikat

yes please. I bought two rugs for the bedroom from Homegoods. I really love that store.

They're (30" by 50") 2.5 ft by 4 ft. (roughly translated). They fit perfectly in the spaces. I love the print and we needed two. Score, rarely can you find two of the same product at that store. There were a lot of ikat print rugs, but way too colorful for our bedroom. Now, the walls are purple in the room, so the only thing I was trying to match were our things; our comforter, lamps, and personal style. The bottoms of the rugs are just the same cotton material, so they move. I've seen on pinterest that some people use caulk to make a rug that slips stay put. We'll see.
With the comforter. I think the colors go really well and the pattern on the comforter is subtle, so they work together. When I can get the room in order I'll take a better picture.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Can't get enough

My dogs are precious. 
Super sweet mutts. 
They're both unique and funny.
I can't get enough of their love and faces!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Accessory Clean Up

I've been meaning to mark my house keys for the longest time. I can never figure out which key goes to the front door and which one goes to the door we actually use here at the in-law's. I also have one key that is for my parent's house, so it's confusing. Each key is made by a different company, so I've learned that the Wal-Mart key opens the front door, the Ace key opens the door we use, and the Brinks key is to Oak Island. Instead of buying really cute key covers like these:
I painted them with fingernail polish of course just like pinterest. They're not very cute, but functional.
The black one is for the door we use. It's black because it's for the garage door and it's black like a cave most of the time. The orange one is for Oak Island, because the color and town start with the letter o. I needed another color that wasn't close to the others and my other nail polish options were navy, pinks, and reds. The pinks and reds were too close to the orange and the navy too close to black. So, the blue gray has no meaning, unless you count my mood when I walk through the front door ;)

I also upgraded my cell phone cover, because the cover I currently have wouldn't stay on the phone. I drop it a lot. The Cricket store had limited options, so I chose a pink rubber cover. I figured I couldn't break a rubber case, just remove chunks when I drop it. They're relatively cheap, so it's not a big deal, and it was a necessity.

It's more pink in person. These pictures make it look a little purple.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Dog House

No, there's no one in it, not even the dog.

Ryan and I built Mosby a doghouse, because his parents refuse to let the dog in the house. I don't know why. That was there decision, but we live here also and we've had Mosby long before we moved in and naturally we were bringing him with us. About a week into the move, this decision was enforced and it may go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: I disagree with the decision and it infuriates me. That's all I'll say.

So, we built him a doghouse with an air conditioner, because we live in Texas and it's freaking hot until January. The air conditioner is a window unit and pretty small, it has a timer and it's energy efficient, so we can regulate when it's on and off with a timer and a remote control.

Ryan and I (mostly Ryan) built the doghouse from Ryan's design. We don't have a table saw or some other appropriate tools that would have been extremely helpful in executing the design. Nevertheless, we got the job done to the best of our abilities with the tools we had with several adjustments along the way. We did buy a nailgun, that proved to be a major investment that was worth it. It took us just about a whole week to build it, because we only had so many hours of daylight left when Ryan got home from work. I think we could have done it one days time, but we didn't have a whole day.

So, here it is. I'm not the right authority to show you a design plan or even explain how we built it. I just did what Ryan told me to do, and it worked.

In process, the last day of building.
It was dark when we finished on the last day of building.
The next morning I started painting. The house itself only required two coats
of paint, but the pink studs needed three. They were super cheap wood and just about every
piece of pink stud is split where it was nailed or screwed. Junk. It'll hold though. 

It's a huge doghouse. We love Mosby and want him to be comfortable. Now all we have to do is get him used to using the doggie door. He doesn't like small spaces and he doesn't like to open doors with his nose like other dogs, so it may take a few days to train him, but he's smart and he'll get it.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


That's right. I made the lasagna roll-ups on pinterest. I don't know why this isn't how lasagna is normally made. It was super fun to make and eat and it was yummy. I made the sauce myself, it's always better that way. The process was: cook pasta and sauce, roll out and fill up!

 Filled with ricotta cheese

 Sauce on top of that

Add some mozzarella

Roll them up and place them in a baking dish 
(the square pan was occupied, I do not recommend a round dish)

Finish it off with sauce and more mozzarella.
It was tasty.

I didn't get an after picture. Picture it with melted, gooey mozzarella :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I have nothing interesting to talk about, so I pulled the memory card out of the cannon and stuck it in the computer. All that was on it were pictures of Coco with pepperoni on his head. Legit. Ryan was eating some pepperoni slices for a snack and of course the dog felt entitled to his share. Coco didn't have to beg long before Ryan gave him some snack.

We've been teaching Mosby to wait with a treat on his nose, and this inspired Ryan to put pepperoni on Coco's head, because his snout is too small. He left the pepperoni on his head, because he didn't know it was there.

And a fancy shot

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


After a month hiatus I'm back. I tend to do this a lot. Between our new work schedules and moving there's been hardly enough time to sleep, let alone blog. But here I am to give you some dirt.

We moved in almost a month ago, back to Ryan's parents' house. Let's leave that as it is. I'm not ready to talk about it.

Ryan started his day schedule and two weeks after that they changed the entire warehouses schedule. The doofus from corporate is making every employee work 12 days on and two days off. So that means Ryan works Monday to Friday (normal week), Saturday and then Monday to Friday with the weekend off. Bummer. I just get him back and now they want him to work on our weekends. Dumb. So, he'll work two Saturdays a month. It could be worse. The guy wanted everyone to work two Saturdays and two Sundays a month, but hr said no to Sundays. What gets me is now the company has to pay every employee one full day of overtime when maybe 3% of the employees ever work overtime. Sounds like they'll start losing money pretty soon.

On my job front. I'm quitting. Well, actually, I already quit. Friday was my last day. This is going to be hard to put into words. So, let me work it out a little more before I explain myself. I guess it comes down to being healthy and serving the Lord. I felt like the job itself was preventing me from those two things. It'll make more sense when I get the words right. For now, I'm taking a temporary receptionist job where my mom works and hopefully the company will hire me full time. I don't really know and I'm not worrying about it either. I'll just pray.

We're moving on, moving forward.