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Monday, August 20, 2012

Night Night

to nights. Ryan is off nights starting this week! Yay. I'm so happy to have my husband at home to protect me at night. I never really felt unsafe, but the dogs freaked me out sometimes with their barking. He finally got put back on days and first shift. So good. So, now we're home together for so many hours. It's awesome.

We celebrated with pizza.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Share a laugh

Given my current state of mind; exhausted and fed up. I'll elaborate more on this later.
I thought I'd share some laughs to help us all.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I'm not sure if it's legal to post pictures of our new toys, but I will.
Ever since we shot guns at the range for Ryan's birthday I wanted a handgun. So, we got them. Fun.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Moving on again

So, our lease is up on our apartment...

(the day we got the keys)
and we were faced with two options. 1 being homeless (just kidding). 1. Find a rental house or 2. Move back to Crosby. With my new job being on the North side and so close to Ryan's we were thinking of renting a house in the Humble area. However, the in-laws asked us to move back in with them.

Remember we made the move to the west side of Houston for my previous job. It was 1 mile away. Ryan's commute was longer, but I had driven an hour to work and an hour home from work for a year, so it was a good compromise. So, moving now is our only option as we're both currently working on the opposite side of Houston. We really hate living in the city anyway.

We like our apartment and being able to establish our own place, but we don't like renting. So, we accepted Ryan's parents' offer and we're moving back to Crosby.
I know what you're thinking. A big question mark right? Well here is the logic.
  • We both work on that side of town
  • Our student loan payments are outrageous and we'll be able to put more money towards paying them down
  • Ryan is starting school soon and we need to be able to pay for it
  • We won't have to pay rent saving us roughly $1000 a month
  • We'll be back at our home church!!
We have big plans to pay off the credit card and put some serious cash towards student loans to get rid of some of this debt. I'm really excited to be going back home, that is to Crosby. I miss my friends and church and I honestly like suburban living. Granted, it's not my own place, yet (it's a secret), but it's where we want to be.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Vacation pictures part 2

There were mountain lion and bear warning signs all over the trails at the national park. It was pretty cool. However, we didn't see any wildlife on the trails with the exception of a few dozen lizards. We saw mountain lion tracks, and compared them with Ryan's foot, that's a big cat! We did see a coyote and a roadrunner cross the street, hah! We saw some fossils and we also visited the state park. Both days we hiked roughly 10 miles, so in two days we hiked about twenty miles. It was a blast and now that we've done pretty much every area of Texas we're ready to head out of state for the next trip.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Finally, here are the pictures

Anniversary Vacation 2012 -- Big Bend
Two Years

The (long) drive

Rest stop somewhere on I-10
The mammoth is a souvenir for the dogs. This is the first trip they have
not been on with us and it felt weird, so we got them a present
and took pictures of him as if he were the dogs. I know weird right. 
I missed them :)
Getting closer to the mountains
Elephant mountain
Stretching our legs about an hour left

The resort
We stayed on the left side
The resort pool
The restaurant
That's Mexico
It was a beautiful resort and the food was awesome!
I'd recommend this place to anyone.

I'm going to write another post for pictures of the trails and other stuff.
 I thought this was already too long.