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Monday, July 16, 2012

Saying Goodbye

     When I accepted my new job, I had to tell my former employer I was leaving (that kind of deserves a duh). But, we had end of year reviews coming up around the time I had the interview and was offered the job, so I didn't know if I should wait until my end of year, or just tell them. Well, the Monday after I was offered the job (on a Friday) I had my end of year review. It goes like this: you make a professional portfolio, turn in your completed training hours, and fill out a self evaluation that is discussed between yourself the director and your supervisor. I did all of these things and went to my meeting. I was sweating bullets, very nervous to tell them I was leaving. The last page of the self evaluation has two boxes; one for "I'm returning" and the other that says "Not returning". I checked the obvious box.
     My director flips through my first two documents and praises me on my hard work and professionalism. We then flip through the self evaluation, discuss some points and she turns to the last page and looks up with a saddened face. I thought she would take it well and my supervisor not. However, it was the opposite. Attached to the evaluation was my resignation letter that said I would be leaving in a month. I know that wasn't much time for them to find another teacher, but I had given them the appropriate notice. My director was upset and my supervisor was sad to see me go. I was kind and respectful and told them I was given an offer that would not be wise to turn down. They understood and wished me luck.
     It's not that I didn't want to work for the people there, but it was becoming too overwhelming. I worked soo hard and received no credit or support from administration. I loved the children in my class, their parents, and my co-teacher, but I had to make a change for the better. This new company will take me places and there's so much room to grow within the company, it's very exciting.
The parents in my classroom threw me a party when I left and gave me a very nice gift card. They were always so compassionate and generous to us teachers. I will miss them and their sweet babies' faces!!
 Goodbye flowers

They were gorgeous and looked different from every angle.

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