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Thursday, July 12, 2012

More in May

I've been digging up things from May and don't know what we did in June. Apparently nothing. Ha. I'm sure I'll find something.
So, back to May (very wordy)
     I started talking with a "mentor", as I've deemed her, about how I wasn't happy at my current job. I was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, trapped, and a multitude of other negative emotions. So, she helped me put together a new resume and start looking for a new place to work. She told me about a week after we started looking about a job opportunity on the North side of Houston. I emailed a contact within the company and received a reply the same night. The girl told me over email that they had open positions and the next day I got an email about an interview. A group interview.
     Now, I was quite skeptical about this kind of interview, but thought, it couldn't hurt to check it out. Getting to the interview is another story in itself. In short, I had nothing to wear that looked professional, so I had to buy an outfit. It's really more involved than that, but it's not important right now. So, I get to the location of this interview...woah!! The facility is amazing. State of the art, new and wonderful! I was starting to feel really good about this place.
     The group interview went so well. I was interviewed with about six other people by the new center director, regional director, and the new center specialist (that's not her official title I don't remember it). They asked questions to the group as a whole and then a few they wanted everyone to answer individually. Every answer just rolled off my tongue as if I had practiced a speech. I was in shock of how easily the answers came, and just knew it was going to be good.
     After the interview is over, we're all shaking hands to leave and handing in resumes. The new center director shook my hand and just said it was very nice to meet me, the new center specialist shook my hand and said in a low voice "you'll be receiving an email very soon", as in we want to offer you a second interview, and the regional director shook my hand and winked at me saying "we'll be in touch very soon." Super flattering to say the least.
     I was expecting to have to wait a week for an email, as the center specialist said it would be that long before we heard anything. Well, at 1:30 a.m. I received an email from her saying that she would really like to talk to me and what would be a good time to call. I emailed her back with a time thinking she wanted to call me in for a second interview.
     Well, she calls the next day at the scheduled time and says she wants to ask some follow-up questions over the phone. So, I answer her questions and she offers me a job right there on the phone!! I accepted the job and am now working on the North side. The center is brand new, just built. I'll be doing the same job, but with a company that will be able to propel my career beyond the early childhood classroom. I'm confident this is going to be a very good move.
     I love the new center and the team that has been assembled. They are hardworking professionals with similar ideals as mine and committed to quality! I love it!!


Kelli said...

And you wait until now to tell us? I guess you've been busy, so I'll let it slide this time. :) Congratulations!

Emily Powell said...

congrats! what's it called!?!