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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hey now, Hey now

my boyfriend's back. Okay, not true, but I'm back! Sorry about the hiatus a lot has happened since the last post.

Let's see...we left off in June.

We went to South Padre with my parents for a deep sea fishing trip. We caught red snapper which is delicious and of course so fresh since we caught it ourselves.

We didn't catch all those fish, but between me, Ryan, my mom, dad, and little brother we caught 10 red snapper. The boat limited out (each person can only catch two fish).
The whole boat's catch
Part of the family at dinner. The company that took us fishing is on the same pier as a restaurant that will cook your fish for something like five dollars and you get a side. Pretty great. It was delicious.
We were all so tired.
We walked the pier after dinner, because there was going to be a firework show. And naturally there was a pirate statue.
And a cannon.
And a giant pirate bench.
And on the ride home, Mosby slept on top of my little brother, because he was hogging the seat.

Good trip!

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I need more updates!