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Friday, July 13, 2012


Okay, so last year near my birthday I nearly panicked and thought I was going to be 25. I know, I know, 25 is so young and what not. But seriously, I was in a job that was taking me nowhere, just moving out of the in-law's house, and Ryan was just making a work change. So, we were just not where I thought we would be after a year of marriage, heck, in any aspect of life. So, when I calculated and realized I was just 24 I felt a little better. And now here we are 25 and it feels the same, but things are different and great!
We moved, got new jobs, and even added a puppy to the mix. So, let's take the time to drink in the youngness of 25 and see how we celebrated...

Last month Ryan found these on super sale and decided to buy them for my birthday! 

I've always wanted to learn piano and I know what every key is and how to find middle C and figure all that out, but no actual music yet.
I know four drum rudiments and one solid beat. I'm not too shabby.

Pretty cool if I do say so myself. It's a starter drum set, so it's not the best quality, but hey I'm no professional yet :) The keyboard is very nice (I don't remember the brand and don't feel like walking into the other room to find out) and I can't wait to learn more. It's going to be fun to put music to the songs I've made up for my class. 

On the actual birthday we did nothing special, went to work, came home, and Ryan went to work, but Saturday we made plans with my family to go to Galveston.
We went to the new Pleasure Pier, ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp (very good) and rode some rides. It was fun.
At the restaurant. We sat outside because the wait was so long and there was a serious gulf breeze making my hair do crazy things. I like the impromptu seagull flying by.
They're all nuts!
After the rides, I look beat!

25 be good to me please!!

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