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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ryan's 25th Birthday

Ryan was working on his actual birthday, so we really didn't do anything fantastic. We celebrated his birthday with Mother's day for his mom. 25 feels old. I'm just saying. I know we're still young, but we're getting awfully close to 30 and there's still so much left to do. But alas, Ryan's birthday...

I made him a rice krispy treat cake. That's a stealth bomber on the 
top left of the banner.
He asked for vise grips 
I bought him some Oakley sunglasses he wanted
and his sisters took us to the shooting range for his birthday
I don't know what kind of gun we were shooting, but now I really 
want a handgun!
I was really nervous and in the bottom picture you can see the shell casings by 
the top right of my head and my left hand has completely come off of the gun.
My hand slipped off every time, yea that seems safe. Oh, and I was a pretty good shot 
for shooting a handgun for the first time. I've fired shotguns, but never a handgun, FUN!

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