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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Feeling crafty

I always feel crafty on Friday nights. I just want to make things. Ryan goes to work and I'm left to fill the time. So, I scoured my diy board on pinterest to find something to make. I decided to make the work out shirt:
They're made from two t-shirts that were too big and from youth group

I crocheted some bracelets from leftover material


I finally covered the headband holder I found on pinterest (it's an oatmeal container)


I started to crochet some headbands, but I'm going to try again, because It wasn't the right shape. I'll try again and post it. I feel better checking things off the list.

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Jessica Krzyz said...

i made the bracelets from v and co. and i used jersey material like it calls for and it didnt come out well. the cloth was stringy and it looked jaggedy... :( yours look great though!