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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Winter Jam

Now I know that most contemporary Christian music is lame, but Ryan and I decided to go to Winter Jam this year. It's a show comprised of ten bands for ten bucks that travels across the country to spread God's word. This year the band line-up was pretty much irresistible. No, really!
  • Skillet
  • Sanctus Real
  • Kari Jobe
  • Building 429
  • Dara Mclean
  • For King and Country
  • (I left off a few that were totally lame)
These bands were what made the tour awesome. Except for Dara Mclean she's not my style. I've always been into Sanctus Real and the beginning of their show was a mesh up of four or five old jams. Loved it!! Kari Jobe always has perfect pitch and her songs truly praise God, she was a treat to see. Building 429 put on a great show. They're songs are so much better live than on the radio. For King and Country is one of my new faves. They put on a great show as well. They were so original and it was fantastic. Skillet was the headliner. I thought okay, they'll be decent, but I did not expect to enjoy their show. Well they totally blew my mind. They're songs are awesome and the show phenomenal. Even though they only sang six or seven songs, they rocked! If the lineup next year is anything like this year's, we'll definitely be going.

Before the show
For King and Country
 Building 429
Kari Jobe (I know this picture is awful, it was the best one I got of her)
Sanctus Real
Skillet's intro. There is a cellist and violinist.
Skillet's stunts!


Kelli said...

$10? American dollars?! Sounds like a steal! Maybe I should start listening to KSBJ so I can hear about these things BEFORE the fact. Glad you enjoyed the show!

Megan said...

I love Building 429. Paul and I are going to Casting Crowns on Cinco de Mayo and I can't wait!

Jessica Krzyz said...

like ur glasses! sounds fun.