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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our Home Away From Home

     This was the theme of my school's biennial fundraiser. We have to replace every single crib in our school with new ones. The standards have changed and we think they're a bit ridiculous, but nonetheless, we will abide by the law. My director also wants to change the aesthetic of the classrooms, because most of the furniture and toys are pretty old. She wants us to be a beacon school, well we are, but she wants us to shine. She has created a color palette and ideas for each room that we hope to execute over the next five years. So, all of our fundraiser money will be dedicated to this process. The parents organized everything and it was terrific. The theme was wizard of oz-based and it was all adorable. I only got one picture from the night:

Each class's parent group made a classroom project that was bid on and sold. The infant/toddler classes did artwork on canvases and the older classrooms were doing shelves or benches.One of my classroom parents did this piece of work, which I really wanted and I was the highest bidder! I really like it. I hung it in the hallway.


Amanda said...

Awesome! great pic. i really like your dress too.

Emily Powell said...

so cute! how did they make it?