{The Father of mercies and God of all comfort}

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


...far from it. I've decided in light of recent events in my life, that I need to really set my heart on meditating on God's word daily. I will read, and pray, and even write in a prayer journal, but I don't meditate on the word like I should. So, I googled "beginner yoga poses" and got a huge list on about.com.

I had no knowledge about yoga, like zero. I found out there are five categories of positions: resting, sitting, standing, backbends, and balancing. I started doing some yoga last week as I meditate on God's word. I chose one pose from four out of the five categories:

 The child's pose

The cobbler's pose

Downward dog

Bridge pose (mine does not look like this)

I think they've been helpful. I've been sleeping better, without medication, and I feel rested in the morning. It's been a relief to rid myself of the world before I go to bed. Praise God. I plan to add two more poses this week. Probably another backbend pose (those babies are heavy!) and a balancing pose. I try to focus on a specific scripture that the Lord reveals and let God be present as I just breathe.

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