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Sunday, March 18, 2012


I saw a cardiologist on Friday. She says my heart is perfectly healthy; which I never doubted. I just wanted to know why the episodes happened while I was sleeping. Still inconclusive :(  I think, because I hadn't slept well weeks before, and there were some external stressors weighing me down, that my body just flipped a circuit. The doctor said that what happened was "electrical". So, I think I had a small malfunction that caused lots of pain and frightened me.

The general practioner prescribed me the anxiety medication which I took for about two weeks, because I was still feeling a little unstable, then at the follow-up she told me to stop taking it and prescribed a beta blocker, Metoprolol, and said to discontinue the first medication. She said if I don't feel right, to take the beta blocker, which slows the heart rate, when I need it, but not everyday. The cardiologist said to take it everyday as prescribed, half twice a day, and if I had any more episodes to call her office and they'll put a month long heart monitor on me. Conflicting to say the least.

I am opting to not take any medication. If my heart is healthy there is no need to slow my heart rate everyday. So, I've gone two nights without medication. I'm starting to believe that I have an elevated stress hormone level which is causing the electrical malfunctions. But, I don't want to have to have hormone injections or take any medication for it, so I'll be making lifestyle changes. I was thinking about taking a yoga class or buying a dvd and I will meditate on God's word each night before bed. I'm going to do little projects throughout the week that will keep my mind busy, and just take it day by day.

I've also experienced some heart arrhythmias which I told the cardiologist about. She called them PVC's, premature ventricular contractions. They weren't detected on any of the tests they did and she told me they are not threathening and 99% of the time, according to studies, they are not harmful and won't affect my heart or body in a negative way; other than the fact that they are uncomfortable. I had a lot of PVC's on Friday, like 9 or 10. All in all, not exactly what I wanted to hear from the doctors, but at least my heart is healthy.

Coco goes to the doctor this week for a blood level check. They will do blood work to level out his medication for the seizures. It's been working well. At first he was having trouble using the restroom, but it seems to have worked out and he's normal again. He was looking fat and swollen poor thing. The pharmacy that the vet's office uses sucks!! I called last week to order Coco's medicine and they never charged the accoutn and never shipped the meds. I am beyond angry, because we ran out of full doses from the vet and I've been giving him half doses and last night he had a real bad seizure. I'm furious. I'm going to visit the pharmacy tomorrow and demand that they give me this first month of medication for free. Someone is going to hear from me, and it's going to be loud. Otherwise the poor fellow had been doing so well.

I think Mosby is comfortable with us. He even walks up and down the stairs now, he's a big boy. We're still working on peeing in the house. He's not very good at that yet, but he goes number 2 outside. He just drinks so much water that he can't hold it I guess, and he typically doesn't sqaut and pee in the house, he just walks and pees. It drives me crazy, but I know he'll catch on soon. He had his first vet visit last weekend, he weighed 14.7 pounds, and now he has a cold from the boosters and he can't stop sneezing, and he still isn't very fond of being in the crate at night.

Ryan had a cold last week and missed two days of work, he's well again. We're still struggling through this night shift thing and he's looking for a new position. I pray for this everyday and I miss him.

We're all hanging in there. Let us rest in the Lord and seek him for his righteousness.

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