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Thursday, March 22, 2012


We're training Mosby to potty outside, but of course, by crate training. Also, when we take him outside we give treats when he uses the restroom. We've been giving Coco treats when he goes too, as an example for Mosby. Well, we ran out of treats so we bought some of the training treats at Petsmart. Then we realized that when we go outside we have to put treats in our pockets and that's kinda gross. So, I made a little treat pouch to hang on the handle of Mosby's leash. I made it from fabric leftover from Coco's Christmas stocking.

I put a little paw print on it and I used velcro to keep it closed. I hand sewed it to the leash handle, so it won't fall off and it will be easy to break the seam if we change leashes. It's pretty handy.

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