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Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Time

It's pretty humid out here in Texas and a bit warm these days. I can tell we are turning closer towards the sun, oh to have coolness again. I have made pretty much zero spring additions to the apartment other than moving some furniture and making a wreath.

Coco and Mosby can't eat in the same place, because they will eat each other's food. So, we were feeding Mosby and putting Coco's food on the orange bench behind the couch, but Mosby learned how to jump on the couch the second day he lived with us, and then he learned how to get on the orange bench. We didn't want him to claw it up, so we moved it in front of the window, and Coco eats his food on the back of the couch. We really ought to find a solution for that. Ha.

I moved the orange bench from behind the couch and moved the couch backwards about four inches, it doesn't sound like a lot, but it looks different. The toys boxes are in the corner.

Orange bench in front of the window.
Entry looks different now.
We have a thing for gray shoes.
I had to move this white table from the entryway to put the orange bench there
and it needed to move anyway, because we've broken two piggy banks
that sat on top of that table.

The spring wreath. This picture is terrible and there is a blue spot from
the candy wreath ha.

Happy Spring everyone!