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Monday, March 5, 2012

He's here!


Checking out his brother; Coco is disinterested.

 He loves all of the toys, and pawing Coco on the head. And he's already pooed and peed inside his crate. Oh Boy. This pup will be quite a handful. I forgot how hard it was to train a puppy.

p.s. Got the heart monitor today and had two heart palpitations this morning, yay. I'm not taking my pill before bed to try to induce an episode to be caught on the monitor because I only wear it 24 hours.


Jessica Krzyz said...

lurve the pup!! and i hope you have a good night. :/

Amanda said...

OMG so freaking adorable! Way cute. my jealousy is tremendous!

I hope that the doctor gets what they need from the monitor and that you are okay tonight.