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Monday, March 26, 2012

Easy snacks

I recently bought some granny smith apples. They are my favorites, because they aren't too sweet. However, these apples turned out to be so tart that I couldn't even eat them. I was so sad, because those were supposed to be my work snacks.

Well, I decided to solve my tart apple problem by making my own applesauce. I would have made a pie, but that takes way more time and it's hot outside. I peeled the apples and used my apple corer to slice them. Then I steamed them for a while and threw them in the blender. I had no idea what I was doing so I just used the puree function until the blender made an awful sound and then stopped, shook it up, and added a tiny bit of water that was left over from steaming the apples. I did this about three times. I added some sugar and cinnamon and I was done. It was a yummy quick treat.

We also had some leftover strawberry ice cream that I had been picking at. The carton was taking up space in the freezer and there was only a little bit of ice cream left, so I threw that in the blender also and made milkshake pops with my popsicle mold (Target dollar section last season).

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