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Monday, February 27, 2012

Coco Bear Grylls

Yes, that is unofficially his middle name. He went to the doctor on Saturday and she wanted to see him again today to do blood work to rule out any internal issues. She was concerned that the seizures are so close together and so frequently. The blood work ruled out any organ problems and he seems perfectly healthy. So, she decided the medication was our best option. They didn't have any medication in so small a dosage, so I have to pick up the stuff tomorrow. I'm nervous to give it to him, but I'm confident in the doctor's decision. He also had to get some vaccinations, poor thing. They gave him valium while he was at the doctor today, we had to drop him off, so he's still groggy.

All of this was done today:
He's on drugs

I love that Coco Bear Grylls!