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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bleary eyes

So, I've been using my fancy IPod Ryan bought me for Christmas to wake me up in the mornings, because; 1. My phone has been giving me trouble and 2. It makes prettier sounds. I have my normal work schedule alarms set, but this week Thursday and Friday we don't have school. Instead we're hosting this big early childhood conference where I work, ECMC. Therefore, I don't have to wake up until six. Sweet!

So, my alarm goes off this morning, sweet chiming bells. I groan and turn it off, naturally. I don't check the time, but lay in bed for about seven minutes then drag myself out to the kitchen. I make a bowl of cereal and eat it with my orange juice. I then make coffee. As I was opening my new can of coffee, and tearing off that fancy aroma seal, I glanced at the clock wondering what time it was. The clock said 5:37. B'escuse me (I say this as a contraction between the words "but" and "excuse" me. My own concoction). My alarm wasn't supposed to go off until six...

I stand there in the kitchen, coffee container open, spilled coffee grounds on the counter, because it's 5:37 instead of 6:10. I finally put the pieces together and remember, I set a new alarm, but didn't turn the usual ones off. HA. Bummer. No wonder my eyes weren't focusing when I woke up. So, I went back to the dark bedroom and snuggled up with the dog to sleep for twenty more minutes.

Funny story.


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Amanda said...

how do you not look at the clock before getting out of bed? hasn't this happened to you before in high school and/or college?