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Monday, January 2, 2012

Ringing it in

Ryan has been working nights since November now, so we've had to make adjustments in our schedules to see each other, let alone make plans. So, we didn't make plans for new year's eve, but woke up in the morning and asked the family what they were doing and tagged along.

Part I
We went to the in laws to have dinner, play cards, and shoot fireworks with the sils. Someone said something that upset one of Ryan's sisters and she went to her room and never came back down. Before this happened Coco started having seizures. He had four in a row, which is the most he's ever had. It sucked. So, after his episodes and Ryan's sister being mopey we decided to hit the road. It was about 11:15. We rang in the new year in the car on the way home. We did see a few fireworks. Whatever.

Ringing in the new year with hot tea; a mellow drink after turmoil.
Present watch: Black Jimmy Choo's, LaCoste watch, and pearl and ruby necklace

Our unofficial midnight kiss; it was about 1

Part II
We decided with the other sister to go to their house in Katy on Sunday day and do fireworks, because the night before was so terrible; you know we thought we'd try to do-over the New Year celbration. I had a birthday party for one of my classroom kids' brother, so I went and watched her during the party. Then Ryan and I went to Lupe Tortilla (yum) and hit up the galleria. I got some bubble bath and a new bra from Victoria's Secret with some Christmas money. We watched some Bones and then went to the sisters'. We had dinner watched a movie, played with her new touchscreen computer, and blew up fireworks.

This one's my favorite. It looks like Harry Potter. We had a mini roman candle war!

Here's to a happy, healthy new year filled with blessings, abundance, and the unexpected. Through God's grace and provision the year will come together exactly as He plans. Oh praise God!

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