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Friday, January 6, 2012

The hood

Parenthood that is. I've been watching the show on Netflix. I was browsing shows one day wondering what show I could watch without Ryan, by myself, while he's at work and landed on Parenthood. I'm almost done with the second season (will probaby finish tonight) and Ryan's working nights still, so I have some nighttime time to burn before I deem it late enough to sleep.

I really like the show despite it's unfailing efforts to make me cry. I cry like a little baby. I don't know what it is, but the show plays with my heart like a toddler plays with its' favorite toy, by throwing it around and stomping on it. It seriously tugs so hard until my eyes are pouring. Ahh. It's so good, I can't wait to see how it comes to a close, but then again I may have to watch the bootlegged third season online before Netflix gets it, but that won't be a first.

We're hitting the outlet mall tomorrow. I am on a quest for a leather bag for work. A nice professional one. I found a beautiful bag by Fossil, but it's not in the stores anymore, I think it's a past season bag, but I want it or something very similar. I'll take any of them, but I'm leaning towards the one in the middle and usually my first instinct is correct.

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