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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Footprints worth following

I had a leadership retreat last weekend. The theme for the retreat was "footprints worth following", so we made a sugar foot scrub and made ankle bracelets, super cute. We went to Galveston to hammer out the goals for the upcoming shool year and to discuss, at length, the comments on the teacher questionaire that was passed out the week before.  There were fifteen questions on the questionaire and there are four different age level departments. Needless to say, there were a lot of responses. We met all day from Friday evening to Sunday in order to get all of the teacher concerns out in the open. This was my first retreat, hopefully not the last, and I quite enjoyed myself. It's so interesting to see women away from the work setting. They were all still very professional given we were talking about work, but they let loose a few times.

We did a "get to know you" activity on Friday that involved our shoes. My assistant director told me to pack a pair of shoes I love. Problem: I love all of my shoes. No joke. So, the decision was challenging. However, I decided to bring my most recent pair of loved shoes; the Jimmy Choo's. But of course. I think everyone guessed they were mine.

We did another activity which spanned the length of our retreat, and that was to make a collage for each person of things that made you think of them. Mine looked like this at the end of the retreat:

The small one's say: "now that's positivenergy" & "staying on track when no one is looking over your shoulder"

I am not always gentle nor calm, nor am I always positive, but I'm thankful that that's the way I'm perceived.
I'm also thankful to be a part of the leadership team where I work and hope to leave a footprint worth following.

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