{The Father of mercies and God of all comfort}

Friday, December 30, 2011


I am refusing to "undecorate" for the new year? That was a little confusing, but it's true. I don't want to take down all the Christmas stuff. It went by so fast. I feel like Christmas should still be here. Maybe the heat doesn't help with the quick passing of the holiday. I also feel that if I take all the decorations down, it's really over. I know it really is, but I'm sad. I know I'm just babbling here and I should stop. All I'm saying is I don't want to...I'm four.
And I never shared pictures of things decorated

very boring front door area I've had that snowman wreath for years

It's more flattering in person

Cute stockings; I made Coco's in the middle

A close up of the paper mistletoe, just ignore us smooching :)

Where most of the Christmas was happening

There's a sparkly gift box in the cakestand in the right corner

I really enjoyed decorating for Christmas in our first place; this may attribute to my hesitation as well. I just love it all!!!!

{Have a Merry & Bright New Year}

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

It was a wonderful Christmas this year. I'm not sure how it got here so fast, but the year just flew by! I'm so thankful for a wonderful year and a wonderful husband to spend the morning celebrating the birth of our Savior. We did our traditions as planned from last year except for advent, and we did not go to the candlelight service. Ryan worked some crazy overtime before and after Christmas day, so we weren't able to make it to a service. We didn't watch a Christmas movie either, just Bones, but we did drink cocoa.

We woke up on Christmas, I made breakfast, we listened to Michael Buble's Christmas album and opened stockings. Coco was first so he could wear his sweater and have his treat. It was a giant bone. I was really into the three wisemen gifts this year; one for spirit, mind and body. However, Ryan got me like a thousand gifts, so I made him choose three and the rest were "stocking stuffers" even though they didn't fit in my stocking.

Ryan never asks for much; if he asks for anything. He just bought a new radio for his car, because he had to change the battery and when he did his mp3 player converter he installed shorted out and messed up his radio. So, he bought one a couple of months ago, on the cheap, and installed it himself. It's pretty great. All that to say, he didn't get much, but he got everything on his birthday/Christmas list with the exception of a nice barbeque pit which we can't use now anyway. His family and my famiy made it possible to cross everything off his list, now I have to make a new one and it took me all year to finalize the one we just destroyed!

Stocking stuffers
Coco: A hat and scarf (that he hates), a new green sweater, a giant rawhide bone, and a green bone that I crocheted for him.

Me: Fortune cookies, skittles, chapstick, a new IPod touch, a micro SD card and converter, leopard print Coach shoes, a pearl and ruby necklace, and Left for Dead 2 for XBox. (I know these seem like huge gifts, but Ryan swears he got great deals).

Ryan: Battlefield 3, Gears of War 3, and Modern Warfare 3 (he wanted them), the new Switchfoot album, the new Michael Buble, and a new band we discovered and enjoy Icon for Hire, fancy socks, practical socks, and an airbrush paint thing and yellow paint for the radio in his car (I know my gifts pale in comparison to his; I suck).

Our Three Gifts
Me: An ice blue KitchenAid mixer (gorgeous), a Michael Kors leather jacket (smokin'!), and a pair of black patent leather, sling back, peep toe Jimmy Choo's (!)

Ryan: A suede sportscoat with matching tie, a pair of Monster brand headphones, a netbook for school (I forgot to mention Ryan is registered for classes :)

I have a hilarious video for you of Coco opening his stocking. He knew the giant bone was in it all week and on Christmas morning couldn't wait to dig in.

We got some great things from our families, but the list is long, so if they show up in other posts I'll let you know. One of my favorites from my parents was a Lacoste watch and Ryan's is an air compressor.

Project 52 catch all

Project 52 {16}
Highly Edited
I learned to crochet

Lunch with my aunts, mom, and grandma (and little brother)

Christmas Card

Ornament Reflection
It's really hard to capture a reflection on normal sized blue ornaments

Your Tree
With gifts a plenty for the whole family

Winter Wear
Who are we kidding; I couldn't resist

I made the mistletoe from paper

Whew! That's my project 52 all up to date.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Where did we leave off...

Um. I have no clue. Let me try to fill in the gaps among my sparse posts lately. I have reasons for being MIA, I think. Like watching Bones on Netflix, crocheting, and the husbands new work schedule. I blame those things. :)
  • Ryan and I have become addicted, not obssessed, with Netflix. We watched all of the Big Bang that's available, The Walking Dead, started That 70's show and King of Queens, and are currently watching Bones. There are soo many episodes of Bones. I LOVE IT! We've also been watching How I Met Your Mother, but those have to be sent via snail mail, so we have to fill our time somehow and that is with Bones. I kid you not we watch it every spare moment.
  • Ryan started a new job a couple of weeks ago. He's at the same warehouse except he's working nights. Ah. Boo. It could be worse and I know I am not the first nor will I be the last wife who sleeps alone. When he took the shift his boss bumped his title to warehouse senior which is just under supervisor, sweet, so he got a pay raise, awesome! The only catch was working lame hours. Now we were told the shift would only be until the end of the year, so hopefully they meet the deadline. Ryan says they're really close and they just put a new hard-working guy on the team. Good news. So, that's been keeping me away from the computer. I see Ryan for about an hour when I get home from work, we eat dinner, watch an episode of Bones and he's out until around 7:30 a.m. So I don't see him before I leave. Sad day, but this is good.
  • I learned how to crochet. I was going to make super cute boots for my class for Christmas, but started way too late and ended up making little lambs. I didn't snap a picture, so I'll make another one to show you guys. And I'm making Coco a crocheted bone for Christmas. I'm also contemplating making him a new dog bed, but haven't put much thought into it.
These things have kept me pretty busy in the evenings, so computer time has not been a necessity, but I sure miss it. I have lots of things to share (that I never did) and Christmas updates, as well as project 52. I've got some pictures, but figured I'd wait to throw them all in one post. I'm pretty sure you didn't miss anything from November to now. Our life has been pretty uneventful. I desparately need to keep up to date with my life on this blog though. It's so nice to look back and see where we've come.

Praise the Lord and Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 5, 2011

All Dressed Up

Here's the beautiful tree decorated.

We hung blue ornaments on it, Ryan's airplane ornaments and words

The small tree Ryan got me in college is in the window of the guest room. Complete with all of the other ornaments. We loaded it down. It's cute and not fluffy, so it needed a lot them.