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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shades of gray

I finally solved our wall of mirrors problem. A month or so ago I bought some white fabric to cut and dye for dining room curtains. Oddly enough these would not cover the window, but the giant wall of mirror in the classy dining room. Honestly, what were designers thinking? Yuck. At least it was an easy fix.

this is the best picture I could find of the whole room before curtains

I died the curtains a nice shade of gray. I think it's pretty great. I had to mix two dye colors together to achieve the color and it was nerve racking which is why it took me so long to finally do it. I left the panels the full width of the fabric and just sliced it vertically, 6ish yards at $5 a yard 30 bucks for floor to ceiling curtain panels, I think so!!

Sorry it's a little dark, the sun goes down so quickly these days. Much improved.


Emily P. said...

wow! those look amazing and very chic! great price too :)

Jessica Krzyz said...

looks great!

Amanda said...

woot awesome.

Kelli said...

you go.

I'm glad your courage with the dye paid off. I'm too chicken to try that!