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Monday, November 14, 2011

Repeat after Celebrant

If that title doesn't confuse you, let me explain. We visited church number trois (3) on Sunday. It was ecclectic to say the least. Much like UBC in Waco where David Crowder plays. I thoroughly enjoyed the time of music/worship, but alas we have some hang ups.

The pastor was out of town at a sister church, so a guest pastor spoke. He was great. Funny, emphatic, full of Jesus and passionate about what he was saying, which is a perk from last week. The message was on faith read in Hebrews 11. Good stuff for sure.

There were some communal prayers that the congregation recited together. Not uncool, but maybe that's not my prayer for the day. A guy (I'm not sure who he was or what his title was) stood on the stage and we all prayed the prayer on the screen together out loud. Then, the guy asked everyone to say another prayer that was on the screen. His title was "celebrant". He would read and then the "congregation" would read the response. Not that the prayers aren't biblical, but it seems to impose a thought on someone. If this prayer is not on their heart, then their individual needs and confessions are not being met through a communcal prayer. Ryan points out that the prayer may not be sincere in everyone's heart, because it is a pre-recorded prayer written for everyone, doesn't sit well with us. It's the same as worship through song. Some people are moved by hymns, some others (myself included) are not. I need things to be relevant otherwise it's not from the heart to the Lord. Also, the guy offerend communion at the end of the service. Fine indeed. However, the guy said, "if you are anywhere on your journey to Christ, we invite you to join in this feast with us." Okay, false. You may not be "anywhere on your journey", in order to partake of the Lord's Supper, Communion, the last supper, you must profess Jesus as Lord. You are taking, figuratively, of his body and his blood that cleanses from sin. You can't be thinking that he may be Lord, you have to believe it and profess it. It is a sign of your love and devotion to him.

Again, not what we're looking for. We're not striving for perfection, but a strong biblical foundation that fellowships freely with one another and opportunities for growth and involvement.


Kelli said...

Keep your standards high! I'm praying that you'll find the right church.

Emily P. said...

which ones have you tried so far...I'm pretty sure I could guess the one from this post.