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Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh Christmas tree

     Friday after thanksgiving Ryan and I decided to go to a Christmas tree farm to buy our first official tree! It was very exciting. Growing up I always had a real tree and Ryan always had a fake one. So, when we got married we decided we'd buy real trees for Christmas. So this being our first Christmas on our own we drove down to the Spring-Cypress area in our Cobalt to pick up a tree, which we had to attach to the roof of the car. Classy, but so fun.

     It was so hard to choose the perfect tree. We walked around for like 45 minutes before we found her, yes it's a her. She's beautiful and fluffy and she smells delightful.

Isn't it gorgeous?!

On the wagon.

Ryan cutting her down

Classy car ride home

What a fun time.


Emily P. said...

it kind of made me sad that you cut down a tree :( I'll get over it I'm sure...

Jessica Krzyz said...

it IS beautiful!! i like!! xD